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How to Start-up a successful Business as a student in India in Lockdown - Complete Guide

How to Start-up a successful Business as a student in India- Complete Guide

How to Start-up a successful Business as a student in India in Lockdown
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Getting started requires a lot of willpower no matter what age you start. Making your own start-up college is a big challenge as you need to balance study and business time. However, the work is paid for once you have achieved success.Starting college not only helps you financially, but you can also become your manager right after graduation.

Some choose to start a business after graduation. On the other hand, some prefer to have a business experience from their college to create their own business foundation.

How to Start a Successful Business College

In this article, I will say

  1. Benefits of starting a college business.
  2. Things to know before starting a business.
  3. Best student business ideas. &
  4. How to be successful in your business.
  5. Even though you started your company years ago, you have many benefits of starting a business directly from your college.
  6. Benefits of Starting a Business in College

1. You can use College Resources

The most important thing in the beginning is to get a complete picture of the business you are starting. Thus, your college can have a great resource called the Library. Find specific books in your library related to the business you are entering.Yes, the Internet is definitely a good resource, but it can't replace a book that goes deeper into the subject.And the best resource for your business is your friends. No matter what business you choose, someone or someone else will give you the answer to your Idea. They help you and join your business.

I'm coming to that…

2. You can form a Team with other Students

To begin with, a team is one important factor to consider. You can start out single, but some businesses require more people to work.That is not easy to hire someone and then give them a monthly salary. But of course, you can go to a friend who is interested and ask him or her to work for free. Such opportunities can only happen in college. Once you are out, everyone is trying to help you, but they will be busy with their work.

3. You can take professional help as your advisor

When you start a business, you can get help from a consultant to find out the facts clearly and quickly. You can even take the help of parents as mentors. Do these advisors advise you on where you need to invest? & what do you need to invest?

In addition, some colleges have affiliate programs with students with Alumni. You can find such help and use it to make good decisions.

4. You have nothing to lose

You have nothing to lose. Are you worried about failure? He has a lot of time and is still in college. It's okay to make mistakes early and especially when you have a lot of time to fix them. You don't have to worry about money, there are a few obligations for you right now. You do not have to carry the family on your shoulders.All that works is time, which will come back to you in the form of experience and knowledge even if you are not supported.When it comes to investing, it is wise to invest as little as possible when you are just starting out. Expand your business day by day.

5. Looks good on Resume, when you graduate

Starting college is not something everyone does. It's just because of so many special people. Employers are waiting to hire such people. However you will not be interested in this job if you have your own company and make money. But in case you need to, you have the will.And that will can be achieved by knowledge.

Things you need to prepare before you start a business

Business is definitely not something you invest in, you promote and you make a profit. Even your skills may not help your business to succeed.You should know these eight basics of starting a Business. You should have an answer for each of them. Try to answer all 8 questions below when your business is completely dependent on it.

1. Vision

Yes, you probably need an Idea for what your Business is all about. In addition to the product name, you will need specific captions that your business represents. You don't have to make that caption popular, but you have to stop at that.

You should have an Idea on how to make the perfect product. Who is your audience? how can you access them? and especially why they should choose to leave all competition behind.

Let me explain this with a practical example,

There are many e-commerce sites on the Internet before the arrival of Flipkart. But Flipkart has achieved this success thanks to the idea of ​​introducing funding for the delivery program. They knew that India was more of a currency exchange system than an online transaction. Thanks to that one concept that makes more people feel free to buy products online, Flipkart has grown faster and better than any other e-commerce site in India.This is their reason why the audience should choose Flipkart leaving all competition behind. Getting such an Idea takes time, but they will be rewarded for your hard work.So, don’t start a random E-commerce site or other food delivery app. There are thousands of them unknown to us as well. Come up with an outstanding Idea in the crowd. Or come up with an Idea for anyone who has never used it before and is the first to make such a product or service.

So, what is your Idea, that makes your Business different?

How to Start a Successful Business as a Student in India 5

2. Team

Business is not a one-man operation. Many streams flow into it for success. (Think of the cinema, the Director himself will not do all the work and release it)

Some businesses can only run like blogging. But some need more people in it. So you have to look at each category of your business has certain people who are competent in it.If the Idea is a product program, the group can be considered a release for your product.

Does your business need more people than you do? So who are they?


This is the reason why many startups suffer. so you should always pay attention to how you plan to spend money. Your ideas and strategies should be followed by sponsorship.

There are many businesses you can start without investing a lot of money. I wrote some such businesses later in this post.Most importantly, stopping to start for money is the worst thing you can do. Starting something today with what you can afford is the best way because you can take that 1 step forward without giving any reason.

Second, don't pay more than for something new.Does your Business Fund support you? Where will you take it?

How to Start a Successful Business as a Student in India 6


You have a great idea, a good team and a high budget to start with, but your product is not good enough. Do you think anyone will buy the product?You may have grown up initially because of the Budget, but if your product is not good, your business will slow down.That is the most important product that you play in your business. A product may not always be a product, be it a service, it may be information, whatever it is, it must be of a high standard. This will help you if you are thinking about a long-term business.

To make a good product, you have to take care of two things in particular.Is the product of adequate quality?Will your product help your audience?


Whatever you do, time is of the have a quality product that is useful to the audience, but if it is not the time for such products, that does not work.You need to check, that your product you produce at the right time.If your business is blogging. You can't write blog posts on "How to Get Followers in Orkut". Because that time has passed and your product of knowledge may be good but it will not benefit anyone.This may be a bad example, but the whole issue of your product should be useful to the audience right now in this generation.

So, is the product you are considering useful now?


Determining the price of a product should be taken care of as it is the first thing your audience sees about your product.

Things to consider before setting a price

The market

Your investment


If you sell a product for Rs 10 available on the market for Rs 8. So there is a good chance of lower sales of your product if both products are of the same quality. If you think, your product is different and worth the price, you can definitely go, but check that that difference is really worth raising the price.If you sell the product for Rs 8, but the cost of your investment in it is Rs 9. So you cannot sell that for a single loss. So you need to consider the market even before you invest.& most importantly quality. If the price of the product is Rs 9 & some people sell the same product for Rs10, but you have a low quality product, it is useless. Unless there is a significant gap between prices, people will always be looking for a quality product.It is better to think about building high quality with low investment. So that you can easily win part of the price.Can you make such a high quality investment product? What are your plans for doing so?

7. Encouragement

To reach the audience, no matter how amazing your product is, your audience should know that. You can start to encourage freely with good oral communication. You can start earning promotions as banners. Or you can use it online.Your product should be in line with the platform you are advertising and should also satisfy your budget.If you say Product highlights, the Promotion will not come anywhere near the Product.A good product with a low promotion is better than a waste product with a high promotion.Are You Spending Money With Promotions? Is your Budget manageable?A man shouts on a megaphone

8. Location

How to Start-up a successful Business as a student in India in Lockdown - Complete Guide
Image by StartupStockPhotos from Pixabay

As with time, the product should also satisfy the environment.

Example: - You can't go and sell Ice-cream in the Himalayas. (Another bad example)

Do you just want to see if the local area will like your product or not?

When you start a Business Online, Location is not something you should think about. But you need to think about where in the world my product will fit. (except for the e-commerce business because you need to send the product to them, so location is important. It would be great if your audience location is near you.)

You need to practice some basic things to start a business

You need to know how to say "No". Because if you accept whatever other people say, you can't run a successful business. & You should definitely say "NO" to your friends while you have work to do.

You have to create a schedule and work accordingly. This planning will be helpful in completing the work quickly and efficiently. Well, you can go without a program like me, but you need it

If you have a team, you should also learn good planning skills.

You need to balance Study & Business perfectly. Plus, as a student, you need a little more fun in life.

Start learning from business. Make mistakes but never repeat them.

Here are some of my low-budget business ideas

  1. Create a Drop Shipping website.
  2. Teaching (online / offline)
  3. Write an eBook
  4. Become an online marketing agent
  5. start a franchise outside your college.
  6. Start a content writing service.
  7. The business of printing tee-shirts
  8. Create your own blog website.
  9. Personal trainer (or) trainer
  10. Start a YouTube channel.
  11. Supermarket Business
  12. Or Start Freelancing and create your own profile

As a student, you cannot work all day. Your business should be part-time. All of the above Businesses are in the Low Budget as well as in Toho.

Do you have all the answers to the above 8 questions? If not, don't worry start working on it. Take your time to build a great business and contact us to share your success story, we will list it in our success list

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