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Paper bags- The Best and Small Business Idea

 Paper bags- The Best and Small Business Idea

Organic farming has reached higher heights in terms of its importance and this concept has paved the way for paper bags. In both businesses one common thing is recognized, and none other than the presence of eco-friendly. Paper bags are now required by all companies to pack their products. This is because everyone has seen the side effects from the use of plastic bags. Apart from these reasons, the government's intention to provide environmentally friendly products has also contributed to the emergence of paper bags.

The business of paper bag business can last a very long time as you know that its emergence was just a few years ago. Therefore, it is the right time for you to enter the market and develop your company. To keep all business plans aside, focus on the quality of the bags produced. This is the key to bringing your company to the middle class. If you compromise on quality, the whole process and the whole system is useless. In this article you will learn about how to start a paper bag doing business, what equipment is needed and most importantly, the investment needed to start this business. 

Paper Bags - Business Opportunity

Almost all sectors of society use paper bags and the actual use or purpose is different for each. Paper bags are used to pack medical supplies. Here, you will need to check the quality and hygiene standards while you do. The same rule applies to paper bags for food packaging.

A high level of risk is involved when making paper bags of food items. The toxic substances used can end up in unpleasant situations. Therefore, choose the right production methods and always check the quality of the bags. If you do something, you can have a combination of all paper bags or specialize in producing paper bags for certain industries. Below the list are some of the places where paper bags are used

  • Party bags
  • Shopping bags
  • Paper bags of food items
  • Paper bags for medical use
  • Paper bags for jewelery packing
  • Industrial paper bags for packaging for their finished goods
  • General purpose

Investment Needed To Start Making Paper Bags

A key factor to consider in any business is how much it costs to start a business. Since paper bag making is a small business and will require a small investment. Depending on your strengths you can plan and invest in land, machinery and labor. To make it clear, finance is the only thing that determines the size of a business. So, make sure you don’t make a mistake there with a big plan with a small investment.

The price of one automatic paper bag making machine is around 5 - 8 Lakhs INR. The price depends on the production of the machine. One automatic machine can produce 15000 pieces / hour.

You can also start this business with the help of an automated machine. The price of such equipment is less than 3 Lakhs INR. Production capacity will be low and will depend on your handicrafts / staff. You can also start a complete production unit with an INR 50,000 investment only.

Make sure you have the resources you already have and those you can afford. All this research and study will help you to reduce your costs to some extent. Have a plan in place where you will use it and who you can buy from. Your suppliers are also a factor to consider when it comes to investing. If you choose the wrong supplier, production or production costs will increase dramatically thus changing your investment plan and operating costs.

Local Selection Your Production Unit

Choose the right place where you can reduce your production costs. This simply emphasizes finding a place where you will have lower electricity prices, work lower wages, less rental land and other such facilities at a lower cost.

The business environment should not exceed your profits. A small town will be the right choice for this business. This is because you can enjoy the benefits of urban and rural area. Taxes and other obligations may be reduced to a certain extent. When you bring your customized bags to your customers, travel expenses should be planned. To make it smaller, adjust the area around the market. Also, try to reduce the distribution channel because they can increase the price and reduce your margin.

Materials for Paper Bags Making

This forms a large part of the overall needs of the production process. The materials needed for this business must be in sufficient quantity to ensure the smooth running of the product. It should not be below the standard, as it could lead to job losses and other issues that put the company at a loss. Vendors should be selected based on material quality, delivery function and cost of materials.

  • Sheets of paper
  • Paper roll and white colors
  • Chemical printing, ink etc.
  • Eyeballs
  • Cables and tags
  • Polyester stereo

These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use. Getting them on time is also important because overcrowding can increase operating costs including storage costs, shipping costs, handling costs and more.

Required Equipment for Making Paper Bags

The equipment you buy should be reliable and appropriate. The durability of the equipment purchased should be checked before purchasing because the quality of the machine used determines the quality of the product produced. Keeping all of this in mind, choose the best equipment with the highest productivity.

I would recommend that you visit a paper bag manufacturing company and know more about machine operation. In addition to the information you get from reading, a direct visit will give you a better idea of ​​the type of equipment to be purchased. The machines cost from 5 lakhs to 10 lakhs depending on their capacity and the size of the bag made. Some of the most important equipment to buy is this,

  • Check the machine scale
  • Creezing machine
  • Bag cutting machine
  • Stereo press and stereo grinder
  • Lace measuring equipment
  • Eyebrush machines
  • Hitting machines
  • Roll slitter motorized equipment
  • Printing equipment

The equipment used varies in the level of operation as well. They can be completely automated or function as semi-automated. Depending on this factor the cost of equipment varies greatly and it is your choice to make the right decision based on your real need.

For printing, you can purchase equipment with a associated printing function or have a separate printing press. Machine maintenance is mandatory and, in this sense, I recommend that you use protective maintenance. Protective maintenance simply takes care of the machine before turning it off or going into a state of inactivity.

Spending money on protective maintenance is better than the cost of repairs. If you do not take care of your equipment from time to time, then there will be a decline in the quality of the bags produced. Also, the cost of replacement equipment will be higher.


This business does not require much work because it is a small business. Only the top ten people work in the manufacturing sector. Also, if your business size is large you will need more staff. A job does not require that you be an expert, but you do have to be skilled at making paper bags.

A mentoring or training program to learn the production process will help in producing bags with the same standards. There can be only one graphic designer per unit to look at design work and other specifications. You can print your company logo if you wish to make your product popular. There are a few companies that order paper bags with their logo and color. In that case you can't make your product attractive or stuck in a bag. Therefore, printing decisions depend on customers only.

Steps Included In The Making Of Paper Bags

  1. The first step is to decide on the size to be produced. The size you want accurately measure and cut using a cutting machine.
  2. The next step is to print the details or logo specified. Print quality should not be kept low.
  3. After that, the paper should be left for folding, attachment and cutting. This process is automatic and you can do it with the help of equipment.
  4. Two steps to maintain eye balance and cord insertion.
  5. These steps are not the only way to produce paper bags. Tasks can vary with the use of different equipment.

License Required to Start This Business

As you know any business currently operating in the community will need a trading license. This license can be obtained from your nearest municipal manager. After that your UDYOG AADHAR registration will need to be completed. It is because of businesses that operate under the name of small industries. There is a website for this registration that will help you access this website (udyogaadhar.gov.in).

After registering Udyog Aadhar, register GST number. The BIS represents the Bureau of Indian Standards, and this is a mandatory certificate required for the operation of this paper bag business. Details on this are available at bis.gov.in. With all these registrations, you can proceed with starting a business without legal issues.

Embrace effective promotional strategies and make it possible for you to improve your business. It is entirely up to you how your company survives the market. Finally, the production of paper bags can be completely trusted because there is another part of the style statement. The standard of living has changed and as a result, you will see an ever-increasing demand for paper bags.

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