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Start Earning from PTC Sites & Survey Sites - The Complete Guide

Start Earning from PTC Sites & Survey Sites

PTC Sites & Survey Sites
If you are determined to make money as a student. First of all, let them know, working while studying is one of the best things a student can think of.If you search online for money, find ways that require a lot of investment, you may need to spend a lot of time on it, or you may not have good leadership skills or other methods may not work in India.

I know you are a student and you certainly could not afford to buy a lot of money. And I know you're busy with your studies and you haven't been able to put in more time on what to start with.

So I decided to make a list of ways, so that Indian students get the best amount of money that is timely and budget-friendly. Even more options are possible without investment.

And I focus on long-term acquisition, there are some ways like selling books, hair, old gadgets like phones, etc., good but you can't earn much and income can't go on, they were like one time salary. So I made sure that the routes I put in had to last a long time and you could get from them every month.

 Start Discover from PTC sites and testing sites.

Start Earning from PTC Sites & Survey Sites
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PTC sites and Survey sites pay for items such as completing a survey, clicking on ads, references, etc. They are free to join and one of the easiest ways to make money. You can find it while watching TV, traveling by bus, etc.

The amount you get from PTC or Surveys Sites is high but good, you can earn up to Rs 5,000 for them by working about 2 - 3 hours every day. There may be ways to pay you more for using such time, but it has not been easy or free. PTC & Survey sites offer you a way to start earning right now without money or any other kind of skill.

Companies pay for these sites by advertising their products and these sites pay you a portion of them as you click on their ads. So you can benefit from clicking on ads, companies can advertise their products more and these sites make money in between. It is beneficial for everyone.

Test sites are also similar as you respond to surveys, companies can understand what people need and can help with their upcoming projects

Other Paid Clicks (PTC)

Start Earning from PTC Sites & Survey Sites
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PTC sites are one of the best ways to earn money at home without Investing, any technical skills, or other things you should learn. You can start earning money right after signing in to these websites.

These sites offer many ways to earn money. Especially looking at ads, Completing small tasks and participating in surveys is one of the best ways to get them.

You can find out about these PTC sites while watching TV or doing other activities as they do not require your full full attention.

There are millions of people who work on these PTC Sites (paid for) and earn a decent monthly income. However, not all sites are legitimate and not everyone makes money from these sites.

That's because of the bullets out there. In fact, there are more non-PTC sites than official sites. And there are other paying sites but the payment is too small for your time.

So here I have created a list of official sites and the payment from these sites is good enough for the time you spend on them.

So let's go inside

What are paid per click sites (PTC)

Start Earning from PTC Sites & Survey Sites - The Complete Guide
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Prior to listing PTC sites. Let me explain to you what these PTC sites are, why they pay you for these small services and surveys, how much you can earn on PTC sites, what joining requirements and much more to get a clear understanding of what you will be dealing with.

PTC means Pay per click. They start out as a platform for making money by looking at ads and clicking on them. As you interact with their products, advertisers pay for these PTC sites.

As a result, advertisers can make their business and their products famous. So they pay a fee for these sites and these sites pay a certain amount for us to view them, by clicking and linking to these ads. So this is a win-win situation for everyone.

These sites later began to pay more subscriptions to those advertiser sites and conducted surveys to find out what people needed. So advertisers can start their own business and do more. So people do a lot of these PTC sites.

Finally, some sites also offer small jobs, this is a type of small job. This is like filling out forums, checking staff details or copying and pasting data, etc. Needless to say, these are simple tasks and give you a clear understanding of what your job is.

In short, these sites are a platform between advertisers and individuals. People earn money from them, advertisers make their businesses famous and offer people a certain job. And these sites are also paid in between.

Things to know before joining PTC sites.

There are thousands or even more of the False sites on the Internet. They have nothing to do with advertisers and do not pay you. They give you more ads and they get paid for your work and they don't pay you in the end. So don't trust all the sites. However there is no loss for you as these sites are completely free.

When you get to that point, some sites ask you to pay a fee to start earning a living. Never pay them, I repeat, never pay them. Those sites are fake and no official sites will ask for money to join. They are paid by the advertisers, not you.

Do not use Ad-blockers to earn money on PTC sites. Since PTC sites are a platform for viewing ads and making money, ad-blockers also block your earnings.

Don't create too many fake accounts to earn money. Since they are looking for honest opinions from you in the study, creating fake accounts does not help them get complete data. So these sites will block you from such activities. Do not use any VPN, accounts using VPN will also be blocked. It is a sign to them that he is deceiving.

Never believe any online claims as they earn thousands and thousands of dollars every month on these sites. You don't get it here

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